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The case will Struktura based on the point of view of Struktura Inc.

Struktura Inc Essay

To determine whether to undertake the project before its termination date, end of Struktura year Struktura the applications tested by the PGSEP are community charging stations, poultry incubators, telecommunication power generators, navigational aids, refrigeration systems, water pumping systems, streetlights and large power grids.

Depending on its power needs, a rural household could choose between a 28 watt-peak wp or a 50wp Solar Home System. Meeting their expectations will provide the company a greater feedback that potentially to achieve a new and bigger market. Bythey start to work toward supplying electricity to rural areas in the Philippines through solar panels.

In this case, Burias Masbate is the pilot phase. Essay Sample The problem was observed around the s where the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of the Philippines entered into a contract to develop applications of solar energy in the Philippines.

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It is known Struktura manufacturing the well-crafted steel frame and bases for the solar panels. Antonio Co, Owner of Struktura Inc.

Find inc. essay choose a specific location, which have a great demand for electricity. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Look at the two types of Solar Home Systems that are already flourished which will cater the neediness of the target community considering two different lifestyles, interests and more.

From the data collected, select the best system that suitable to the community. The project was anticipated to solve the inexistence of electrical power resources to provide for the basic needs that immediately improve the lives of Filipinos in areas where electricity is not readily available.

Struktura, Inc. Essay Sample

Dimalata do the study and recommendation but the last say on whether the possibility of assembling the SHS units and marketing them to the Burias community is to be push through will still be coming from the manager and president of Alco group of companies to which Struktura Inc.

Co still is the overall in charge of the situation despite the fact that he appointed Bingo Dimalata to do the legwork for him and confirm his intuition that the project is bright.

Struktura Inc Case Study

Get Access Struktura Inc. This is based on the data given concerning the commencement of PGSEP Philippine-German Solar Energy Project on February 27, to develop a solar source of energy in the Philippines and yet after 7 years, it was to be terminated at the end of the year unless they could have a local group who inc.

essay deal with the project commercially. Solar power systems is done through the encapsulation of the solar energy from the sun through the photovoltaic PV panels which produce direct current DC power to run a DC appliance. Involve cooperatives and non-governmental organizations in the promotion of the system in the rural areas Carry out affective promotional activities such as seminars and advertising in the media.

Major Policy Statement Struktura Inc. There is a waiting list of customers. To establish a marketing strategy to the said project. They can identify what are the internal and external factors that may affect the business Recognition of proper and effective pricing system that is in correspondence to the purchasing power of the target market Disadvantages To conduct a feasibility study is time-consuming Requires a number of people having the knowledge in the pursuit of the study It involves a large amount of money Strategies Communicate with Frank Schneider about undertaking the venture.

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Manager and President of ALCO Group where Struktura, Inc. belonged. II. Time Frame February 27, – the introduction of the project named Philippine-German Solar. A Critical Regulatory issue in Health Care Essay Sample ; Emma Watson’s speech “ Gender equality is your issue too” Essay Sample ; What Are You Passionate About?

Essay Sample Post navigation Struktura Inc. Essay Sample?Do languages help mould the way we think? Essay Sample. Free Essay: I. OVERVIEW/ INTRODUCTION As a tropical country, the Philippines has untapped vast potential of solar energy; yet in ’s, solar application is.

Struktura Inc. Essay Sample. The problem was observed around the s where the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of the Philippines entered into a contract to develop applications of solar energy in the Philippines.

* Struktura, Inc. (SI) is a corporation owned by ALCO Group of Companies. * SI is practically a machine shop that manufactures car air-conditioners for Karkon & others, steel frames for PGSEP and die casting needs of electronic companies.

* Sales amounted P1. 32M of which roughly 72% are derived from other companies of ALCO. Free Essay: Magrec, Inc. Case Study 1. I would let a day pass and then request another meeting with Dinah indicating a sincere desire to work through the.

Struktura, inc. essay
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