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Which of the following did NOT have to travel to Bethlehem to be part of the original Nativity narrative? The Sunday morning service was hastily reconfigured to start with a procession and contemplation beside the sculpture, which had suddenly become so very topical.

Why, or how, would the Cathedral authorities find grateful and suitable use for such a well-intentioned, but macabre, artefact? Coventry has had strong links with the motor Pilgrimage christianity gcse coursework since this began around years ago: The Virgin Mary asked her to build an exact replica of the house where the annunciation had taken place.

It is on the banks of the Sea of Galilee that Jesus performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes, and where he gave the Sermon on the Mount. Europe Lourdes is a village in south-western France. The water also supposedly cures any mental illnesses and if you have had a loss of faith.

You first have to walk up the Slipper chanel - a mile long road by which you walk barefooted or in slippers some even crawl to show the effort you made to get there and that you have gone through suffereing.

When she began to built it, a few weeks later she returned and found that it had moved twenty paces away and built itself. Also to see the Pope - the head of the Catholic Church. One of the best-known routes is the Way of St James: What do you do there?

People now visit the chapel to see the house where it was announced by the Angel Gabriel that she was going to gove birth to jesus. The shrine has a Holy Well where pilgrims are sprinkled with the water, and from where they take Holy Water for the sick. A modern ministry to those bereaved through motor-related deaths is an entirely reasonable, indeed when one considers it healthy initiative for a cathedral in such a position.

Makes the people feel closer to God as they have visited a place of religious significance.

Religious Studies Christianity Special Days and Pilgrimage - GCSE Flashcards

People go there to see the place in which St Paul and St Peter were killed for being followers of Jesus. Religious places sometimes find their ministry develops over time: You can also pray in front of the icon that has been built there. In a young girl called Bernadette experienced visions of the Virgin Mary.

If you do not attend a service, this is also a time for reflection and prayer. It will also bring you closer to God.


In which county is this? Jerusalem The capital city and location of the Temple. The water in the grotto is said to have healing powers, meaning if you touch it, you will be cured.

Interested quizees can discover more about Pilgrimage christianity gcse coursework online. To visit particularly special places at first-hand, and walk in the steps of great and sacred people To put sustained time and effort into doing this, as a personal discipline and sacrifice To make and deepen friendships with other like-minded souls along the way As a once-in-a-lifetime experience It is usually the site itself which determines the experience, but the other reasons usually contribute importantly to it as well.

In Lady Richeldis saw a vision of the Virgin Mary. Some pople that go there become cured of their illnesses and disease by bathing in the pool.

Even seeing these is quite an evocative experience. The Apparition of the Virgin spoke to Bernadette on a number of occasions and instructed that a chapel should be built. The motif of a journey is attendant on both the birth and death of Jesus. They ,ay also feel that by making the effort, they have done something for God and feel closer to Him.

It is said that Saint Burnedette saw a vision of the Virgin Mary in a small hollow of a rock face on eighteen different occations. There have been pilgrimages to other places with holy associations for hundreds of years.

Rome Rome was the original centre of the Christian Church in the west It is still the centre and headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. When you get there you pray and reflect.

The book has, apparently, never been out of print since the first editions went to press, and has appeared in some languages or more.A pilgrimage is usually seen as a journey to a particular holy place for a religious reason.

There are no particular rules about pilgrim in Christianity Throughout the years of history many people have made a pilgrimage to the holy land & various sites in Europe.

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Learn more. Daniel Timmins Pilgrimage What is Pilgrimage? Pilgrimage is the journey made by a Christian to a sacred or holy place. then he should meet Him with a wife." For my marriage coursework, I had attended my local church and listened to couples talking.

Religious Studies Christianity Special Days and Pilgrimage - GCSE Flashcards Decks in this Class (6): Festivals And Pilgrimages Key Terms.

Festivals and Pilgrimages: Key terms Sample Cards: advent, epiphany, lent 20 Cards Preview Flashcards Other Special Days. Other Special Days. For the AQA new spec RS GCSE unit on Christian Practices: Pilgrimage.

Hopefully fairly straight forward research task on Lourdes and Iona but there is a slide at the end that contains info if research is not an option that could be put onto a word documen /5(9).

Pilgrimage christianity gcse coursework
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