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Essay UK - http: It looks that she has developed non adherence with medication that is witnessed by relapse of symptoms.

Mental health nursing A 28 year old female patient with schizophrenia effective disorder came to AKU-ER in most unpleasant and unmanageable condition. This problem can be minimize if health professional give some extra time to build rapport before dealing with medical issue, health care provider should have culture based family dynamics so they can respond patient accordingly, heath care provider show emphatic behaviour rather than judgemental, encourage patient to question about medication and express that you are aware of traditional remedy used by patient.

Eastern patients and their families many times belief on traditional healing and seek the assistance from doctor when condition deteriorate extensively.

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These elements contribute to how a nurse makes sense of their clinical practice Carper, This article will help us to explore the reasons of non compliance, how common is non compliance, ways to enhance the compliance, what patient families can do for non compliance and also go through on the studies in regard of non compliance.

According to cross culture of health care provider and patient is also one of the cause of non compliance because that hinders in the effective communication as well as in the success of treatment. Evidence-based practice will continue to play a large role in delivery of care since it ensures the best possible outcomes for all patients AACN, DNP Essentials, Consultation and working with a treatment team is an essential part of treatment for all patients.

One example would be the relapse of a patient with a known history of alcoholism. This role is instrumental to the improvement of both patient safety and quality of outcomes.

I utilize many techniques known for effective communication with patients such as listening, empathy, open-ended questions, reflection, and many other techniques where I can obtain accurate information, as well as facilitate a professional relationship with my patient.

DNPs will continue play an important role in healthcare leadership by eliminating health care disparities and filling the gap in healthcare delivery. Mental health nursing Essay: Nursing paradigms, concepts, and theories must support and reflect this new model going forward.

Mental Health Nursing

The standard of care reflects your professional and personal values Cody, According to survey most Americans are comfortable in questioning their doctors about using alternative medicines and traditional methods whereas, eastern people who are not familiar with Western health care are less liable to discuss such information because they think Western doctors will not recognize their culture-based remedies and people also discontinue medication once symptoms disappear.

It means that absence of insight, side effect of medication and long time for action of medication are the factors contribute towards non compliance. I believe this is the one of the highest achievements for an advanced practice nurse.

There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. This process will facilitate the closure of health care inequalities in our current healthcare system, according to Carper Non compliance occur because Culture impedes to Treatment and Compliance in a way that Various health beliefs and behaviours are culture-based; it follows when two dissimilar cultures come collectively in a health care setting, a crash of expectations frequently occurs.Fortinash: Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, 5th Edition Chapter Culture, Ethnicity and Spirituality Case Studies - Critical Thinking Answer Guidelines CASE STUDY: HOLISTIC ASSESSMENT The patient is a year-old woman who has been hospitalized for an extensive period (approximately 6 weeks).

The initial problems were major depression, anxiety, and a degenerative spinal condition that. - Introduction – identifying the role and job description setting of the PMHNP The Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), role and job description is providing primary mental health care services, to those with mental health problems, or psychiatric disorders.

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Database of FREE Nursing essays - We have thousands of free essays across a wide range of subject areas. Sample Nursing essays! Becoming a mental health nurse would be a good choice because it pays very well. Students are recommended to go to college and get their Bachelors and Masters’ degree.

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It will take a. Essay: Mental health nursing A 28 year old female patient with schizophrenia effective disorder came to AKU-ER in most unpleasant and unmanageable condition. Patient was not regular with her.

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Mental health nursing degree essays
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