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I think that my magazine would fit in well with other magazines as I took key points from the other magazines and that seems popular therefore mine could be too.

I also got some of my ideas from the fonts that they used in these two magazines. Try to avoid just speaking at a camera, this is not a creative use of technology and does not demonstrate good use of ICT.

In addition to this the name Media coursework music magazine the magazine represented social groups for example youth culture. Throughout making my media products I have learnt how to edit photos and make things look more professional.

How does your media product represent particular social groups? I then applied as many as possible of these codes and conventions to my own music magazine, so that the audience got what they were expecting from a typical music magazine. Doing this would mean that my magazine would start to get recognised and start to sell to the right target audience.

The final product looked a lot better than the original and I achieved my goal though the aspects which are different are the level of focus in the two separate images.

This software allowed me to edit the photographs which I took for my magazine and to adjust their brightness, contrast, hue and saturation. For example the logo never changed and it stayed the same colour and in the same place throughout all of the issues.

This is an example of one of the ways in which my media product represents a particular social group. The software listed below are merely there for suggestion purposes. This is a deliberate representation, as the demographic I wish to appeal to are just that.

Media Coursework- Music magazines

I think that the name NME is catchy and short so people will easily remember it which I wanted in my magazine. And present them as being not too dressed up like maybe a classical singer would bebut in fact quite commonly dressed although they do have a nice appearance.

I attracted by target audience by using a photo of a teenage girl on the front cover. Therefore I used power point to do things such as research and then uploading them onto blogger.

Media Coursework - Music Magazine

Because of this, my media product could be seen as to represent the social groups. To begin with, my knowledge of using ICT to create such a product has greatly improved. The language used through my media products is informal to represent the social group.

So I changed the layout from the preliminary task which had about 9 pages of contents in one column in a medium sized font and made sure that the contents page of my music magazine had about 50 pages of articles written in a small font, set out over two columns. I chose to do this target audience because I find that people of that age are the ones that buy most magazines.

The face of the refined image has a much stronger focus than the hair though I am still happy with the finished image. This helps to represent the social group in terms of the clothes that they often wear. However I found blogger hard to use and hard to organise my things on.

You can also embed audio tracks from your own MP3 players to the Glog. A photo from a James Morrison concert I went to also will attract young people because its current music so therefore they would want to know more.

The magazine is aimed at both boys and girls. Posted by Emma Wilkinson at. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?The first one being that I had used the whole amount of pages each article would go on for, were as in Mixmag, which is what my magazine is taking inspiration from, they only list the pages it starts on.

AS level media studies coursework HELP!!!!! watch. Announcements. I got an A in Media Studies Unit 2 AQA which is the coursework unit so i can try helping you out. My chosen media product was music magazines so i. MEST2 - Coursework Brief (including resubmission) ( KB) MEST2 - Brief Guidance (including resubmission) ( KB) MEST2 - E-Media guidance ( KB).

When creating my magazine I stuck to traditional music magazine codes and conventions as much as I could, and looked towards other music magazines to set an example for my own. I made the style and layout of my music magazine similar to that of other magazines of the same genre.

AS Media Coursework: Music Magazine Help and useful resources to use when progressing through your AS Media Coursework. Sunday, 21 April Final Coursework Check List.

Media coursework- Music Magazine

Below is the final coursework check list. Use this list to make sure your blog is not missing any work for the final hand in date (28th April). To keep the theme of music magazines I kept the name of the magazine in the same place, the colours from some of deconstructed magazines the same, the large texts and a large photo as the centre piece of my front cover.

Media coursework music magazine
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