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Luke then states that technically it was Philip who killed Sarah and that he will clean the situation up. Plot[ edit ] Five married men share ownership of an upmarket loft, which they use to discreetly meet their respective mistresses. Glozelle is not mentioned afterwards, and his fate is unknown.

The apples at the Cair Paravel ruins are red in the film. The police also mention that all four men have alibis for that morning — Chris and Luke were seen together having breakfast, Marty was at his office, Philip was alibied by his father-in-law who was blackmailed with information about his own cheating, information Philip had because he knew Vincent used that same information to blackmail his father-in-law to give him a contract on a project.

He runs into Ann after leaving a bar, and she asks if he needs the loft key, that he had given her for them to meet up. In the book, Caspian is a young teenage boy of thirteen; the same age as Susan. Cornelius reveals this secret to Caspian when helping him to escape.

A chase scene is added on the way to Dancing Lawn. In the book, the Dufflepuds turned themselves invisible after Coriakin turned them "ugly". In the book, the Witch is described as "not merely pale, but white like snow or paper or icing-sugar", with a golden crown and a red mouth.

In the book, he had been the King for years as he was crowned shortly after he secretly murdered his brother, King Caspian IX. In the film, the White Witch has fair skin, dark-blonde hair and a crown of ice.

In the film, Caspian forms an attraction to Susan, which results in Susan kissing Caspian goodbye before the Pevensies leave. In the book, the Pevensies changed back into their school clothes before they went back. In the film, the River God destroys the bridge after Aslan wakes him up.

The police later insinuate that he is attracted to Vincent. In the film, Caspian learns from Bern that the Slave Traders have been making sacrifices to a green mist. Hurt, Luke turns around to find that his wife saw him talking to Sarah.

In the book, the children are waiting for the trains to take them to school at a country railway station, which is almost empty. In the book, Eustace was unable to follow the Dawn Treader at sea until Aslan changed him back from a dragon.

In the book, Doctor Cornelius escaped the castle shortly after helping Caspian to flee. The murder victim is Sarah Deakins Isabel Lucas: The five men are: It drops when he appears at the top of the tower.

He is a drug user who grew up in a dysfunctional household with his abusive father; very protective of his younger sister Zoe, and warns the other men off having sex with her. The geography has been drastically changed for the film, resulting in some of the islands being visited in a different order than they were in the book.

He and Mimi become separated when a woman he slept with on a business trip shows up at his home. He gives her his key as proof he does not use the loft with other women. In the book, however, Caspian was never attracted to Susan, nor did she ever kiss him for they only met briefly.

At the end of the show, when they emerge from the Underground Kingdom it is summer, during the day. Over the course of the movie, as the five men discuss what to do with the body, Luke, Chris, Marty, and Philip drug Vincent, strip and handcuff him to the body on the bed.

In the film, their clothes appear to change by magic, leaving it unclear how Edmund managed to leave his torch in Narnia. Sirens can be heard and Chris says he called the police, told them everything and that it is over. Prunaprismia does not make any on-screen appearance in the book, she is just mentioned a few times.

Her father never appears in the film. In the film, Rhince is a Narrowhaven citizen who joins the voyage to find his wife. In the book, immediately after boarding the Dawn Treader, Lucy changes out of her wet clothes into clothes borrowed from Caspian.

In the book, Trumpkin told the Pevensies of Caspian and his story after they had been in Cair Paravel for two days.Get ready to spend the night with the Maestro of Mayhem, Stephen King, as The Loft Cinema unleashes twelve straight hours of King-sized horror movie madness!

SATURDAY, SEPT. 29 Community Rentals. 'The Lost City Of Z' Movie Vs The Book Is An Apples & Oranges Situation. By Johnny Brayson. Apr 14 Amazon Studios/Bleecker Street. I've always been a sucker for old school adventure movies.

Lord of the Flies Book vs Movie Add A Difference. Add/Edit a Difference. This Spoils the Ending In the Book: In the Movie The pilot of a jet plane is found in the cave. He is believed to be the beast.

The pilot was with the boys when they crashed. He was delusional and escaped and went to the cave. He died there and the boys eventually found. Oct 15,  · Watch video · The premise of the movie is the best part about it: Five guys have the keys to a secret loft where they can freely cheat on their wives, but one day they find a dead girl on the bed and have to figure out who did it/10(K).

Differences between the book and film.


Edit. History Talk (1) Share. The frozen river sequence, seen in the movie, was not in the book. In the movie, the White Witch turns a Fox into stone after Edmund tells her about Aslan.

In the book, she turns a party of Narnians into stone after the Fox tells her about Father Christmas. Both versions are truly scary, but they do have some key differences. Here's a comparison of the book and movie.

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