Explain how disability may effect development essay

These can be, but are not exclusive to, an emotionally unsettled family life, one parent family, disadvantaged environmentally, cultural differences, disability, learning difficulties, communication and language issues, lack of early exposure to informal education to name a few.

They may copy unwanted behaviour like swearing, biting etc to gain adult attention. The child is observed in the classroom or playground in their natural surroundings and also in the classroom to ascertain how they are progressing with their studies.

Learning disabilities which affect development could be. The child may have difficulty moving to the materials or areas available for play.

The Effect of Disabilities on Play Skills

Formative methods such as different child observational methods such as focus child where the focus is on one child for a set amount of time, checklists where development is checked against specific milestones, time sampling recording information at regular intervals, structured which will monitor a child completing a pre set activity, naturalistic which a child will be observed during the normal course of events and a general diary record of the childs progress.

An example of this would be a MSA in a playground watching an event occur so feedback can be given to teaching staff.

When children play games they learn to take turns and communicate with each other. For other children, input may be at the level of working with parents and professionals to set appropriate goals and monitor progress.

How Disability May Affect Development Essay

Specialist in Santa Barbara in When children interact with puppets and make them talk and interact with one another, they are also involved in dramatic play.

They may show signs of anxiety, not wanting to go to school, not understanding why they have to be in school hence not engaging in the learning activities. Visual impairment can also influence a Childs development they are unable to watch and learn from what others are doing.

They may have difficulty learning their way around new environments such as a new preschool. Dyslexia; is a difficulty in learning to read. Health problems may be serious enough to hinder the development of play skills or inhibit the use of play learning new skills.

Disabilities are categorised in different forms i. Constant withdrawal from others or from materials and activities restricts the child from social play and from manipulation of objects. The older children in a class are able to practice their skills by sharing them with younger children.

We should always ask permission from parents or responsible adult for the children, before assessing them.Free Essay: Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors There are 5 main personal factors that can.

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The whole doc is available only for registered users OPEN DOC. Pages: Word count: ; Explain why children and young people’s development may not follow the expected pattern.

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Explain how Disability May affect learning Essay

The Effect of Disabilities on Play Skills. A disability, handicapping condition, or delay can affect how a child plays, the kinds of play the child engages in, and the child's ability to use play as an avenue to learning and generalizing new skills or concepts.

Delays or impairments in cognitive functioning may also delay the development of.

Explain how disability may effect development essay
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