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Road safety as such is a crucial issue, and it is the duty of parents to enlighten their children about how they must adhere to traffic rules and signs while walking on the road. There are large numbers of factors affecting the safety, but they can be divided into following categories: Seek assistance from insurance companies.

Children and students are the most vulnerable group towards the road accidents, minor or major injuries and even death because of the lack of adult supervision.

Road Safety Essay 5 words Road accidents have become very common due to the vehicle collisions and ignorance of proper road safety measures.

Sufficient illumination and ventilation should be provided. Losses Due to Accidents in Industries: Everyone must know the trick to handle serious situations related to vehicles how to operate vehicles or themselves on the roads to save various accidents and lives.

Safety valves, pressure gauges and water gauges etc. Road Safety Essay 2 words Road safety is very necessary while being on the road and must know by all because road accidents are the leading cause of death.

Working environment is the single biggest factor affecting safety aspects. Work area related factors. When a worker is allowed to work in good working conditions then his efficiency increases a lot. It has been seen that suitably arranged rest pauses reduce the number of accidents to a large extent.

It is now becoming very unsafe to drive on the road day by day.

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All boilers and other pressure vessels must be kept in proper condition. Study has shown that accidents are found to be minimum at a temperature of Parents may teach their children in better way by wearing seat-belts while driving a car or helmet while driving a bike anytime.

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Sometimes, air fans placed in wrong direction send air through furnace, hot parts of machines, etc. Each and every people must do defensive driving courses under the guidance of authorized instructor by any recognized driving school before start driving on the roads.

To assure safety to workers and eliminating chances of damage to machinery and equipment, Indian Standards Institute has done commendable job. Repair work on marines should not be done when it is running.

Do not cross by scaling over the central medium fencing the way many people do. Employer also pays for medical expenses incurred on the worker. Refrain From Sticking Hands Outside Vehicles While going in a school bus, children must never hang their hands or heads outside windows, for they can get hit by vehicles coming from the opposite side.

They should not use earphone or other music listening instruments while riding bicycle on the road. Everyone using road should be well aware of the road signs and must follow rules. On the basis of working methods, its process, and other conditions accident prone activities, and places etc. Loose clothing may be a source of danger.

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A well designed factory looks pleasing where worker feels proud in working and take more interest in his work. Each organisation has some peculiarities. Safety programmes analyses causes of accidents, and takes remedial measures which aim at r educing accidents and losses which might occur due to them.Essay on Industrial Safety.

Article shared by: Essay # 7. Safety Education and Training: create awareness, safety weeks are organised, safety instructions are displayed. It is also necessary to make necessary safety rules and enforce them. For effectiveness of the safety programmes in an industry, it is necessary to identify the causes.

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Words Essay on Safety (free to read) Article shared by. Safety means protecting ourselves from any danger that may hurt us or endanger to our lives. Unsafe practice is a great peril to both life and property. A two wheeler rider who rides recklessly not only risks his own life, but also the other road users.

Essay on Safety. Words. gun safety and gun laws class essay  GUN SAFETY AND GUN LAWS KEY TOPICS GUN SAFETY RULES STATE GUN LAWS WAITING PERIOD/ REGISTRATION CONCEILED LAWS RECIPROCITY GUN SAFETY RULES At home, in the field, at the range, or anywhere, the first concern of every firearm owner should be safety.

Communication Rules Essay. when the rules of communication are very important. A communication rule is "a followable prescription that indicates what behavior is expected or preferred and what behavior is prohibited in a specific situation" (Shimanoff).

Free Essays on Lab Safety Rules Essay. Get help with your writing. 1 through safety rules are framed to provide reasonable safety to the road users. ROAD DISCIPLINE IS MORE IMPORTANT. THE LAWS SHOULD BE MORE STRINGENT AND THE ENFORCING AUTHORITIES SHOULD BE VESTED WITH ADEQUATE POWERS FOR ENFORCING THE RULES/5(2).

Essay on safety rules
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