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The eminent historian, Mr. This needs immediate attention as nature has been revered culturally and its degradation has severe impact on us. Genetic engineering has amassed invaluable depth of knowledge in all walks of life.

It can be helpful to have diversity in leadership when leaders understand the needs of those in their country. From far off Silicon Valley to home base Bangalore, Indians are big in global software development.

You can get ideas that can help improve or change the way leadership is taken in certain situations. Our diplomacy in global commons ie in climate change, biodiversity etc is based on emphatic principles of CBDR, pollutors pay principle etc.

These religions with their distinctive philosophies have laid a down a path to achieve both physical and metaphysical world. Another important aspect is that in the current global business context, India, amongst other developing nations, is being looked at as an important emerging market.

Yet 38 percent of doctors and 12 percent of scientists in the US are Indians. In order to belong to a Super Power Club, the country must be amongst the front ranking nation in the fields like Economy, Defense, Science Essay on indias global leadership Technology and Information Technology so as to play a leadership role in politics and diplomacy.

Can anyone imagine the highly plural nature of Indian society where one finds people of different ethnic stocks, religions and languages? Buoyed up by the communication revolution at home, India is prepared to share its knowhow with other countries.

Diverse Global Leadership

What started out as a workforce augmentation model, gradated to more routine maintenance and backend management office. This year, India strongly contended for holding the Commonwealth Games and won the bid in the face of a strong contender like Canada.

Put all this together and the surprise is not that India is gore crashing the elite Super Power Club but that it did not happen earlier.

When most of the democracies have failed even to basic litmus test of democracy ie regular election and smooth transition of power, we have constantly raised the bar.

The maturity index of the professional services in the Indian organizations is getting higher by the day as skilled force is now available to be deployed.

India as a Global Leader (Essay)

Elections in India have become a model for many of the developing countries in Asia and Africa. Though this premise has taken a hit due the prevailing economic scenarios; however, the idea of India as a market is fundamentally correct. India of the 21st century is not just a nation, but a dream-a vision of countless souls aspiring to belong to a strong, self-reliant, powerful and developed nation.

Corruption is nothing but financial rape and financial adultery. The changing global order has its own set of boons and banes for India.

It demand development of a robust internal regulatory architecture and cooperation at global level. Make no mistake, the customer outlook from now on will be much tougher, but companies providing quality of service and proper customer focus will receive unprecedented success.

This vantage position burdens it with a responsibility to establish an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Targeting certain areas for the development simply mean narrow vision. Our country today is having virtually all types of industries from bicycle to aircraft. Fifty- eight years on, Indian democracy has proved successful despite the fact that critics had doubted the success of democracy in India, handicapped by resource crunch, overpopulation and illiteracy.

In the mixed economy like ours balance is a must. In the beginning of the then Prime Minister P. India is also the centre of cutting-edge research, the global original equipment manufacturer of auto ancillaries and the preferred supplier of infrastructure erection- construction skills.

India could well be looking forward to metamorphose from being a regional player to a global player in the decades ahead. However, as well consolidated our position as the global back office, we also invested in ourselves and developed technology and business competence which could add more value to the customers.

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Short essay on India As The Emerging World Power

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No wonder India has become the back office to global corporations as a waking BPO giant that has made the US administration jittery, forcing it to bring a law against .

Essay on indias global leadership
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