An artistic story of new york

After a short war boom, The Bronx declined from togoing from predominantly moderate-income to mostly lower-income, with high rates of violent crime and poverty. Citizen rebellion stopped a plan to construct an expressway through Lower Manhattan. More than a fourth of the largest corporations An artistic story of new york were headquartered in New York City.

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, the city became a world center for industry, commerce, and communication, marking its rising influence with such events as the Hudson-Fulton Celebration of Both before and especially after World War II, vast areas of the city were also reshaped by the construction of bridges, parks and parkways coordinated by Robert Mosesthe greatest proponent of automobile-centered modernist urbanism in America.

The construction of the Rockefeller Center occurred in the s and was the largest-ever private development project at the time. The city later resumed its social and economic recovery, bolstered by the influx of Asians, Latin Americans, and U.

The ports converted to container ships, costing many traditional jobs among longshoremen. Many large corporations moved their headquarters to the suburbs or to distant cities. New York was also able to attract more business and convert abandoned industrialized neighborhoods into arts or attractive residential neighborhoods; examples include the Meatpacking District and Chelsea in Manhattan and Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

The city was extensively photographed during the post—war years by photographer Todd Webb. Like many major U. Neighborhood restoration projects funded by the city and state had very good effects for New York, especially Bedford-StuyvesantHarlem, and The Bronx.

Inthe city government avoided bankruptcy only through a federal loan and debt restructuring by the Municipal Assistance Corporation, headed by Felix Rohatyn.

They also set up free health clinics and other programs, as a guide for organizing and gaining "Power to the People. The city was also forced to accept increased financial scrutiny by an agency of New York State. Inthe city was struck by the twin crises of the New York City blackout of and serial slayings by the Son of Sam.

For a while, New York City ranked as the most populous city in the world, overtaking London inwhich had reigned for a century. The Bronx had a steady boom period during —, with a population growth by a factor of six fromin to 1.

History of New York City

It flooded low-lying areas of Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. In response, the city made great advancements in the fire department, building codes, and workplace regulations. The skyscrapers and tourist attractions were widely publicized. The Borough of Brooklyn incorporated the independent City of Brooklyn, recently joined to Manhattan by the Brooklyn Bridge ; the Borough of Queens was created from western Queens County with the remnant established as Nassau County in ; and the Borough of Richmond contained all of Richmond County.

In the late s, the city benefited from the success of the financial sectors, such as Silicon Alleyduring the dot com boomone of the factors in a decade of booming real estate values. The Bronx has experienced an economic and developmental resurgence starting in the late s that continues into today.

Street activists and minority groups such as the Black Panthers and Young Lords organized rent strikes and garbage offensives, demanding improved city services for poor areas. Unemployment and crime remained high, the latter reaching peak levels in some categories around the close of the decade and the beginning of the s.

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Bill for veterans, stimulating the development of huge suburban tracts in eastern Queens and Nassau County.

Mulberry Streeton the Lower East Sidecirca From tothe larger cities were the focus of national attention. New York remained the largest city and largest metropolitan area in the United States, and continued as its largest financial, commercial, information, and cultural center.The written history of New York City began with the first European explorer the Italian Giovanni da Verrazzano in European settlement began with the Dutch in The "Sons of Liberty" destroyed British authority in New York City.

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An artistic story of new york
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