Advantages and disadvantages of poverty

Food stamps have been a big help and we were lucky to be approved for them. In fact, it is quite hard work. I found them to be advantages in my life. Jennifer Arnett 6 years ago from California Millionaire tips, thank you for the warm welcome to this site.

Noted, this first step, while very important, will take time. Impossible, the only way I see this is if the rich would stop being so greedy and share the wealth.

Thanks for reading and for your insightful comment. In my opinion nothing good ever came out of me being poor.

Poverty is a state of mind. The key is to use these lessons when you recover. Because Advantages and disadvantages of poverty areas are poor, it means that any businesses that allow people to acquire food or necessary goods and services make little or no money.

Census Bureau are the primary government agencies responsible for accumulating, processing and analyzing data on poverty rates in the United States the Central Intelligence Agency performs a similar function with respect to foreign countries in an effort at predicting social and political instability resulting from poverty.

In a "Trickle-down" manner see the irony, Reagan? Nina L James 6 years ago from chicago, Illinois I can truly relate to your hub. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Get help from churches, neighbors, friends.

Jennifer Arnett 6 years ago from California The poor have the gift of being reseourceful.

Relative poverty

As though we have a choice. I respect your opinion and understand that it is not easy to get out of poverty. But, I will continue to take one day at a time.

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When I went to college and almost everyone was richer than I was, I was initially having low self-worth and feeling sorry for myself, until I realized that I had strengths because of my background that these people did not have.

What does poverty have to do with us? By being creative and thinking outside of the box, we are able to do just about anything that people with a huge budget might do.

Nine years later, I take nothing for granted and thank God for all that I have. What is the poverty line? The key is to focus on your education and keeping a focus on getting the promotions. Ashantina 6 years ago I love your hubs and will check back frequently. Granted, this transformation will almost certainly drive prices up, and taxes up, in order to maintain the area to those standards, but I believe most people will take a hike in taxes in order to keep their neighborhood shining rather than watch it murk in eternal poverty, especially once the opportunities begin to bloom in the area.

There are many people in the world that write speeches aboutpoverty. After ww2, poverty was an avg. If the residents of a poverty stricken area are better educated, then they generally do not fall prey to all of the vices that are out there.

During that time, I learned to appreciate what I had for me and my family. Resourcefulness, adaptability, and generosity are learned traits of the poor. Great hub, thanks for sharing!

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Poor and in Poverty?

Can poverty be cured? Some of the happiest people I have met have been endowed with a big heart but very few economic resources.

I think that continuing to live on the lower income and saving the difference is a great way to help for those feelings that you can slip again. Once they are educated, they will be better prepared for opportunities that are available to not only them, but to all people educated in their specific fields.Absolute Poverty Advantages And Disadvantages.

Absolute poverty is a level of poverty defined in terms of the minimal requirements necessary to afford minimal standards of food, clothing, health care and shelter. For the measure to be absolute.

This means that 80% of the poverty will only consume 14% of the world's is a direct result of globalization, with some activists thinking that globalization will only serve the rich and that the poor must confront its disadvantages. Advantages and Disadvantages of Aid to Australia – Geography Essay The purpose of Australian Aid is to help developing countries around the world eradicate poverty and to promote stability and prosperity both in our region and beyond, by providing different types of assistance and financial support.


Poverty and disadvantage has an impact on all aspects of life, well-being, poorer health, ability to participate in community and access to education and employment. The disadvantages to using a “poverty line” lines include the age-old problem of accounting for inaccurate data derived through census surveys and applications for welfare, unemployment compensation and other programs intended to help those below that line.

Poverty means people are too poor to afford food, clean water, shelter, etc. Because those areas are poor, it means that any businesses that allow people to acquire food or necessary goods and.

Advantages and disadvantages of poverty
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